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Monday: closed
Tuesday to Friday: 12:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Saturday: 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm

Consulting: how can we help?

We are happy to advise you in our Zurich showroom. We take the time to explain our different products so that you can find the perfect set-up for you. We give you tips on ergonomic approaches to the workplace, changing behavioural habits and therapies.

Test it for yourself: test various models from our extensive range of ergonomic office chairs. We offer the leading brands for healthy sitting.

Find the correct height: try various height-adjustable desks. Experience how you can work while sitting and standing. We can offer advice on optimal working height for you.

Try peripheral equipment: Even the best ergonomic mouse needs to sit well in your hand. Try our range of peripheral equipment and select your favourite.

Our Zurich showroom has a wide variety of products:

  • office chairs
  • tables for sitting or standing
  • computer mouses
  • keyboards
  • hand rests
  • mouse pads
  • document holders
  • notebook stands
  • standing stools
  • kybun mats
  • therapy equipment

Test products first

Test products for two weeks at your workplace and find the right peripheral equipment and accessories for you.

How does it work and what does it cost?

To cover costs (product wear, postage and packing), you will be charged 10% of the product value for each product not ordered (minimum CHF 20).

• Two week test period
• No obligation to purchase
• All delivery and return postage included
• Return postage by pre-addressed reply label
• Test price waived in the event of purchase
• You will receive unopened new products on purchase

Do you have a lot of paperwork?

We will even send you the practical document holder Q-doc 415, Q-doc 515 or 640 FlexDesk to try out for free.

Ergonomics in the workplace is our profession and our passion. We plan and implement healthy and efficient office environments where people feel comfortable. We look primarily at five aspects:



The lighting should be bright enough. Glare and reflection from windows should be avoided. Since human eyesight starts to wane at age 45, older people need brighter lighting in the workplace.

I work better with good lighting. I get tired less and make fewer mistakes.




Hard surfaces (e.g., concrete or glass) in modern office buildings are poor absorbers of sound – long reverberation times can become a problem.

It is difficult for me to concentrate with all the noise. I get tired more quickly and am therefore less productive.




Shared and personal files can be organised in different ways: on shelves, in hanging file folders, filing cabinets, desk drawer units or mobile containers.

I would like to be better organised. I often have to search for documents, which wastes time.




Planning an office means providing opportunities for knowledge sharing and improving the quality of internal communication within the company.

A space to hold spontaneous short meetings would enable us to exchange ideas more often and clear any issues up faster.



Sitting and moving

A dynamic office plan inspires greater freedom of movement which is healthier for the body.

If I had the opportunity, I would like to sometimes stand and read documents that I’m working on.


Office design in 3D

Efficient and ergonomic office facilities developed digitally and on paper: we plan your workplace step-by-step, from individual workstations to small and open offices.

This is important because the positive effects of thorough planning at the beginning will last for years to come.
Your requirements are the focus of our planning. We would like to get to know you before we get started.

For example:

• Who is the workspace for?
• What is are their tasks? How important is concentration and communication?
• What is the ratio of manual labour to computer work?
• How much storage is needed for personal and shared use?
• Which technical equipment is used?

3D visualisation puts you into the picture. The visualisation of your future dream office presents a realistic representation of size, layout, colour and material possibilities on paper or in digital form.

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Try out our peripheral equipment and ergonomic accessories throughout Switzerland without obligation.

We offer advice on all issues related to ergonomics in our 430m2 showroom.