Showroom in Zurich

Opening hours 

Monday: closed
Tuesday to Friday: 12:30 pm to 5:00 pm
Saturday: closed

Consulting: how can we help?

We are happy to advise you in our Zurich showroom. We take the time to explain our different products so that you can find the perfect set-up for you. We give you tips on ergonomic approaches to the workplace, changing behavioural habits and therapies.

Test it for yourself: test various models from our extensive range of ergonomic office chairs. We offer the leading brands for healthy sitting.

Find the correct height: try various height-adjustable desks. Experience how you can work while sitting and standing. We can offer advice on optimal working height for you.

Try peripheral equipment: Even the best ergonomic mouse needs to sit well in your hand. Try our range of peripheral equipment and select your favourite.

Our Zurich showroom has a wide variety of products:

  • office chairs
  • tables for sitting or standing
  • computer mouses
  • keyboards
  • hand rests
  • mouse pads
  • document holders
  • notebook stands
  • standing stools
  • kybun mats
  • therapy equipment

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