The 3 golden rules for an ergonomic computer workplace

All good things come in threes:


The right approach makes all the difference. Our ergonomics partners test existing workspaces throughout Switzerland to gauge their optimisation potential and offer solutions based on the requirements. This means that you can continue to use the existing infrastructure in a better way.


Individuality counts. Ergonomics depends on personal characteristics such as body type or work-specific requirements. Based on these factors, we analyse which products are best suited for you or your team and facilitate a better workspace for working with computers.


Being better informed means better work. We train all employees to truly understand how ergonomics actually works: they learn about their anatomy and the most important ergonomic factors for developing better sitting habits and working in front of the screen.

The ideal working tool

Today’s offices are a place for processing knowledge. This means many employees spend a large part of the day in front of the monitor. Comfort in the computer workplace is now more important than ever and choosing the right equipment is critical – adapted to both the individual person and their specific tasks.

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